I have been a Pro-Domme since 2005 and in the lifestyle since 1990.  I work strictly by appointment; I do not accept "walk-ins" or "cold calls."  If you wish to see Me, I follow a protocol that requires a preliminary non-scene meeting for new or prospective submissives.

I live My passion...fetish and BDSM!

Power Exchange


I am an intelligent, mischievous, fun loving, humorous (a day without laughter is a wasted day), sadistic, wise, honest dominant Woman; a Woman of integrity.  I am a natural leader and in charge in all that I do.  I do believe in discipline and am capable of satisfying the most needy pain-slut.  I punish when necessary...punishment is intense and equal to the infraction.  I truly enjoy control and dominance...nothing opens My heart more than full submission from a loving sub who wants to please.  I derive pleasure by taking a sub to new heights through service, pain, suffering, role-play and control.  I am an enthusiastic expert in the areas of flogging, paddling, caning, CBT and mind control.  you have never experienced anything like Me! And when you leave, you will wonder why it took you so long to find Me. 
That is Me. 
This is not something I do - it is who I am!

I love to control, to watch a sub tremble under My power.  I control their minds and their bodies, I am inside their heads guiding them where I want them to go. I am a powerful, committed, loving, wise, sensual, intelligent, energetic, witty, skilled, intuitive, nurturing Dominatrix. 

I love wearing corsets, leather, cat-suits, fetish clothing, nylons, boots, high heels...

~Mistress Marie

All of My sessions are held at My private, discrete, fully equipped dungeon in Charlotte; My Domicile.  I provide a safe, sane and consensual environment.  I respect all limits, yet push boundaries.  I am seeking clean, obedient, and honest submissives.

(It is always) About Me